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Our charter:

Tember is my overlord and savior!

I am an underling, and I accept to be called this way.
I will not think too deeply about the things that happen in this clan.

I will obey any order issued by someone above me in the chain of command.
I will be responsible for those who are under me in the chain of command.

I will not push the buttons of the other members.

If I see a hacker in the enemy team, I will do my best to ignore them, as if they didn't exist.
If I see a hacker in my own team, I will warn my commanding officers so they can erase him from existance.

Dark days are coming.
The game is surely dying.
But we are Oversight!
And we don't care!
Our teamspeak server:
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28th Mar soundsara
hi im anyone is still playing apb ?
29th Jan Tobogun-Riemann created a new topic Hawen's application
Name: Arthur Peisahovich Country: Russia What makes you unique? Describe yourse...
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