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APB on PS4: A whole new experience !
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1st Apr 2017

While i got lucky with some new players. I have to say there are players that know what they are doing.

But noone wants to see this anyways.

Everyone but Tember might realize that this screenshot seems odd. Oh right through the power of high end technology APB on PS4 looks like your favourite games from 10years ago, to be fair apb almost is 10 years old itself, way to go !

Another cool and brand new feature is the nice visual style APB got from using state of the art outdated servers. To the player it seems like he is watching a awesome stop-motion-movie but thats actually in game graphics, can you believe that ? INCREDIBLE!

APB on ps4 also gets a few new car parts like transparent Wheels that give your ride a creepy ghost like look. Check it out!

Fear not if you think your tires are gone forever.

They are stashed away safely on your windshield, isnt that great ?
But wait, there is more ! Your car is also able to change colors spontaneously.

What are you waiting for? Join the Oversight PS4 Division and enjoy all these new and exciting wonders today !
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Forum » Public Forums » °General Discussion
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