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Is Gamersfirst support even decent?


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14th Oct 2015

I don't feel like playing APB anymore. Definitely not feel like paying for it anymore. At least not until I get my issues solved, which are as critical as I could lose access to my account if I can't get my e-mail changed (can't access the e-mail itself), should there be a forced password reset or something equivalent. 

G1 support is awful and they are as good as automatic bots.  I haven't gotten a single reply which isn't exact copy&paste / automatic message.
All I want is a dialogue with an actual person, but it's too much asked. Easily THE WORST support I've ever encountered. And according to few hours of googling, I am not alone with my experiences.

In case someone is wondering, automated bots would solve my issue rather easily, but for some reason they keep claiming that the information I provide doesn't match their records. Which can only mean one thing, they have invalid information (which I haven't given them in the first place) in their records. Therefore, I would prefer an actual person handling my case, as I can prove my identity in various manners, such as a picture of ID card along with the credit card I've used to purchase credits since the day I created my account.

My advice, do NOT purchase anything from Gamersfirst ever again.
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15th Oct 2015

Well this is to be answered fairly simple, in order for G1 Support to get your account back to you they need some vital information. If you can't provide such or don't even have access to the email associated to the account I guess that's a bad loss in it?

And don't give G1 money.. Buy guns and accessories from players on the web, not from the store.
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15th Oct 2015

The worst part of this loss is that I've spent hundreds of euros on the account and they seem very reluctant on helping me out here.

As I previously said, I think it should be considered as vital information that I have the physical credit card used to purchase credits since I created my account. That should prove more than enough. Oh yeah, the credit card has my name on it. Same goes for ID card. There's even a picture.

But G1 disagrees. They want their own personal transaction ids which are sent, perhaps, to the e-mail listed on G1 instead of the email used to purchase the credits. Most shops and services send the receipt with transaction ID to the payer's e-mail (e-mail used in PayPal.)
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16th Oct 2015

I finally came up with the idea, if support claims to be unable to help me out with my issue, why not refer my case to someone who is capable of helping me out - such as their superior. So, I told them to do so and it appears they did. However, I was slightly scared my as I received an e-mail claiming I had requested a password reset. Then I tried to login and I was unable to.

It appears, my e-mail has been finally changed. Glad the 6 months of trying finally pays off. Can't exactly call it a "good support" though, but at least it finally worked.
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