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What do you think about our clan?

We need to improve
We need more poeple
We need organazation
We need to be more active
We need to start "wars" to be famous as a clan
We need to stream

Joined: 9th Jan 2015
Rank: Underling
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28th Jan 2015

We have to do many things to improve and be "famous" in the game!What do you think that will help to make that real?
Joined: 8th Mar 2015
Rank: Underling
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11th Mar 2015

Should be a better communication option imo, see a lot of people online, but very rarely many of them are on TS.
Joined: 25th Dec 2014
Rank: Overlord and Savior
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11th Mar 2015

It should be the duty of each member, when they log in, to whisper every other member and ask them to get on teamspeak
Joined: 2nd May 2015
Rank: Underling
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6th May 2015

well oversight is pretty famous since almost everyone in the matchup says noooo not oversight...

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Forum » Public Forums » °General Discussion
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