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Will you be buying the Pack?

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21st May 2015

Alot of you have been asking me about the new strike packs being released by G1. I'm just making this post to clarify everything and maybe persuade some of you into buying it.

First up, this is all part of a new scheme G1 is coming up with similar to subscription based schemes or expansion packs. Buying the pack now will only unlock certain items immediately but also others as time progresses "at NO extra cost". For 3999 G1c (with prem ofc) grants you access to ACCOUNT BOUND espacios for both criminals and enforcers. Along with this comes two unique kits (fkn badass m8) for the different factions. Oh and some joker boxes - like 15 or something.

At the start of next month, those lucky souls that bought the 3999 pack will login to find 10 more joker boxes and a brand new weapon + skin in their email. It has been confirmed by admins that the weapon is 3 slotted and BRAND NEW to the game (not a reskin oki). The skins however I'm not sure if they only apply to that gun only.

Start of the next month, surprise, surprise, I have a new clothing gear pack and some more joker boxes! At no EXTRA COST. Clothing gear has caused some speculation as to what it actually is due to the sillohueted picture they gave us (can't spell piss off) but I believe it is related to the rest of the pack in the sense that it will be some sort or armoured or splitercell - metalgear solid - special ghost ops looking shizzle - ACCOUNT. BOUND. Either way pretty cool since most of us have the clothing expansion they sent out for the event.

Start of the next month - ay this is jackpot bby. TWO NEW weapons (fkn said no reskin listen oki) a submachine gun and a light machine gun. Plus skins at... Yea you guessed NO EXTRA COST. These will all be 3 slotted and have new stats so that's something to look forward to - ACCOUNT BOUND (you get the picture now). I would say the only downside to this pack is that you have to wait till august to reap all your rewards but then again it only cost you $50 three months ago right? Fk I forgot the extra joker boxes, they come too - like 5 I think.

Last but not least it hasn't been confirmed but apparently you cannot buy the previous months items if you are too late, ie you may only have one chance to get your hands on the kits. GG now buy it already...

Where the fk is my admin promotion, OI G1 I'm herding sheep for you!
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22nd May 2015

I already bought it lol
Joined: 14th May 2015
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26th May 2015

3 slot, brand new weapons account bound = perm

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