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Situation between clan member.
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Joined: 23rd Jan 2015
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10th Jun 2015

Hello everyone.

Today clan member Luneau told me that some players are overattached and toofriendly to her. She is a girl and she wants to play and have fun in apb.  You guys give her too many sexual compliments and and just try to create a relationship with her or anything close to it which makes her very uncomfortable. She is not looking for a boyfriend right no so I am just telling you to lower that sexual attention down a noudge otherwise she might leave us.

Anyways, Respect your clanmembers and their wishes.
Your Officer, CaptainSmiT.

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10th Jun 2015

Why should she be the one leaving then, why not them?
Joined: 23rd Jan 2015
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11th Jun 2015

It was becouse of this reason and one more. If there will be continues activitys like these kicking player from clan will be showed of punishment.
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30th Jun 2015

Thanks alot for making this post (this is Luneau).
I have changed my name.

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Officer LunarShine

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30th Jun 2015

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