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2015-05-20: Operation Zerg7
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21st May 2015

To play some large missions  in groups of 5 players or more (ideal number being 7)

  • Have 7 players available in the same district
  • A group of 4 starts a mission
  • Leader leaves group and invites the 3 remaining players
  • Use huge numbers to crush the enemy

This operation was mostly a success. Missions played were very fun, and it felt great to be with so many teammates. The footage recorded during those games will remain in the history of the clan. It must be noted that, although the general rule is that more players = harder mission for the offensive team, most of our offensive stages went surprisingly well thanks to amazing teamplay and communication. We even achieved 2 victories out of the 4 missions we played in large numbers, even in cases where the opposition was in much higher threat levels than our team.

Our first defeat was because of a slight miscalculation on someoen's part (bringing the item outside on overtime when the enemy is clearly spawning outside, why not?) but was otherwise a very close game. Our second defeat was mostly caused by an overpowered defense spot that could be sniped from 3 different positions.

Our two victories were crushing and definite. First an item hold that we managed to overwhelm with numbers, and then a VIP mission that the criminals had no chance of winning given our massive coordination. I would like to mention the honorable sacrifice of your Overlord and Savior as VIP, by getting a kill/death ratio of minus infinite, therby ensuring our victory.

Overall, this operation was successful.
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21st May 2015

It sure was fun, thx for 'the honorable sacrifice' .

Joined: 18th May 2015
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23rd May 2015

Yeah this event made my day coming home form an Exam, so many lolz and fun =D Will be uploading a video on it so expect something soon guys =]
Joined: 18th May 2015
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27th May 2015

For anyone who wants to see it. I uploaded a video on this event here's the link!

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