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24th Jun 2016

Hindsight is a team within Oversight that operates on a higher skill level and takes a more competitive approach to the game. Hindsight members are apart of Oversight  and play along side Oversight members when not playing with the team. Hindsight members are chosen from the Hindsight Academy.

Route to Joining Hindsight

Join Oversight > Hindsight Academy > Hindsight Member

Hindsight Members can be identified by the 
Hindsight Academy Members can be identified by the 

Hindsight Academy members can either be:

People who posses both skill and communication but are placed here to see how they gell in the team
People who lack in either Skill or Communication but are set to improve
People who show potential and willingness to learn

Hindsight Academy Members will be chosen if a Hindsight member decides to nominate you for the group.
We hope to populate the team so feel free to make yourselves known to myself if you have interest and I/we will get some games with you.

This will not affect the other Oversight members.
Hindsight also does not currently accept any Undersight members.
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25th Jun 2016

Hindsight ? You mean Argus squad ? XD

also the term Hindsight Academy is hilarious.
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27th Jun 2016

We got the best naming skills in this clan!
BTW I love the logo, Dryblood.
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27th Jun 2016

Oversight is best sight! =3
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