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June the 1st reunion: summary
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Joined: 25th Dec 2014
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2nd Jun 2016

Yesterday we had a clan reunion on teamspeak to discuss the future of the clan. The topics discussed were the following:

  • Increased recruitment. We must enlarge our groups. Our end goal is to have an army of max rank golds. To help, we will purchase a billboard on which we can display a recruitment message. Monetary participation may be required. The person responsible for buying this billboard will be Disapproval.
  • Broadening our scope. As the Xbone/ps4 launch approaches, we will try to enlarge our community. We have a steam group available for the PC version: ... /groups/oversightapb make sure you join it if you have steam! Those operations will be managed by XmaidX.
  • Arts and design. We are in need of a better visual image for this clan. On top of operators and members, we will also need to recruit or commission designers. This job will be taken by Gunsa.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, add them to this thread!

Tember your Overlord and Savior.
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Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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2nd Jun 2016

Since im not really be going to designing that much for the clan (dont want to buy premium anymore) im offering help to the new designer if they need it or some kind of assets or stuff.
Joined: 25th Dec 2014
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3rd Jun 2016

That can help yes! More designers incoming!
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