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2nd Jun 2015

Here is the current list of Officers from the clan.
If you are interested in an officer position, please contact TheHidden or Tember in-game.

Enforcer officers

  • Tember
  • Cribby
  • Chinhuo
Criminal officers

  • TheHidden
  • WCKD
  • CaptainSmit
  • darkfalco
The duties of an officer

With great power comes great responsibility and all that. Well you'll soon notice that you actually get many responsibilities and not actually that much power. To be an overseer, you must first and foremost be active and interested in the future of this clan. You take the position because you want things to improve, because you're a volunteer. Any officer can be removed from his position if he is discovered not to do his duty. Of course, you get the position back once you start performing the duties again. Those duties can be summarized into 3 main jobs:

1. Take an active part in recruitment
To have an active and healthy clan, you need active and healthy members. As an officer, your first duty will be to recruit new people constantly. APB is sadly in a state where people will be leaving one after the other unless big changes happen. To compensate for that, we will need to recruit faster than this leaving speed. It is something that every member should be doing, but as an officer you'll need to do it better. This includes:

  • Sending the website's link to any potential recruit you meet in-game (even if already in a clan)
  • Advertizing for the clan when you join a populated district
  • Playing with probationers in order to review them.

2. Being a pillar of our system
We are now a bureaucratic clan, with many formalities to go through. As an officer, your second duty will be to make sure that this bureaucratic system works well. It will improve the standing of our clan by filtering out toxic players, and making sure each one of our member fits well inside our community. This includes:

  • Making sure players get on teamspeak
  • Managing teamspeak groups and moving people to appropriate channels
  • Monitoring conflicts between players and doing your best to solve situations
  • Checking the website as often as possible to stay up to date with the system
  • Making sure everyone in the clan has an account on the website.

3. Making the clan alive

We don't want to be a boring dead clan in which nothing happens. As an officer, your third duty will be to help members enjoy the clan they're playing with. This will make sure we keep a number of dedicated players who will not leave no matter what. This includes:

  • Using the event calendar to planify events (one or two per week)
  • Improving communication with the APB forums (videos, screenshots, announcements)
  • Being a source of suggestions to improve the clan

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