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Recruitment operations + probationer feedback.
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19th Jan 2015

Hello everyone, 

In order for our clan to remain active and strong, we need a steady influx of active and strong players. 
This has, until now, been the job of the officers in the clan. However, Each one of you can contribute by sending potential recruits to our website and reviewing probationer applications

If you get teamed up with people who played good/ displayed good behavior, it is your duty as members to direct them to in order to make them one of our probationers. 

In addition, we have a nice list of applications on which each one of you should comment as soon as you play with one of the probationers. Those comments can be what you like/dislike about them, how they can improve, what they'll bring to the clan. 

By getting involved in our recruitment process with those two simple things, you guarantee a high quality of the playerbase as well as tailor-made clanmates that suit your personnal tastes (you just need to make those tastes known)

Please pass the message to any clanmate who's not active on those forums.


Forum » Public Forums » °News & Announcements
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