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The "DO NOT talk to the oppositon" rule
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14th Jan 2015

I would like to remind everyone of our most important rule, which is "DO NOT talk to the opposition".
In general, this will mean more specifically "Never be the first one to talk to the opposition". For instance, only say gg when the enemy already said gg beforehand.

Even when replying to the enemy, and even if the enemy has done so beforehand, I will also need every single one of you to be the most evolved person, and never engage in the following:

  • Criticizing loadouts and tactics
  • Hackusation
  • Insulting the enemy
  • Rage

This should never be done , either in /d or /w.

As a coping mechanism, if one of you gets insulted/hackusated/criticized, he is recommended to deliver ONE LINE of counter using the same means as what was thrown at him (in /d if he got trashtalked in /d, and in /w if he got trashtalked in /w) right before /ignoring the offender. (this is the most important point)
But in this line, he must make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR whom he is adressing and for what reason.

The typical example is when the enemy calles you a "noob quickswitcher".

You DO NOT reply "noob l2p" or "bitch you're using troublemaker" because your words can be turned around on a screenshot and the most likely result is that he'll say you're insulting him for using troublemaker but you were using QS from the start.

Typical textbook answers:
  • You tryhards!  / Just try harder, [name]
  • You lamers! / Just do something lamer, [name]
  • Stop using [lame weapon here] / [lame weapon here] is part of the game, [name] just use it too. (if the enemy is also using a lame weapon, feel free to mention it ON THE SAME LINE)
  • Hacker! / thx, [name]
  • You're an asshole and I will go find your house and rape your mother / I feel very unsafe, [name]
  • gg ez / saying gg ez is very insulting, [name] you should feel bad.

Don't forget to /ignore them immediately, we don't want needless debate.

If you're a member, you are also allowed to release your rage on this thread:  http://oversight.clanwebsite.c ... and-shame-thread-nbp
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Joined: 10th Jan 2015
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14th Jan 2015

I find it harsh rule. But by the complaints we've encountered. I believe this is the right thing to do. Those who break this rule after being warned several times, Should be permantly removed from the clan. No expection.
Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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14th Jan 2015

Well i dont think this will work.
Joined: 10th Jan 2015
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14th Jan 2015

I don't either. But I belive this is the only thing we can come up with. You have other suggestion perhaps?
Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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14th Jan 2015

Just a bad feeling i had. It should work, right ?
Joined: 1st Jan 2015
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14th Jan 2015

It's will be hard to work but just know one thing , it's for Oversight that you playing .
Last Edit: 14th Jan 2015 by LeSAp1
Joined: 10th Jan 2015
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14th Jan 2015

You should consider Undersight as well. It's 2 groups in 1 clan ;-).
P.S I would appreciate if members of Oversight that have a criminal character will join Undersight. And those who already in it. Try playing there more often. We should recruit people over there and doing it by myself isn't an easy task.( And it will be better to have someone to group with ).

Those who want to join the clan while you're inside Oversight. You can contact me in-game or in forums. Thank you.
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17th Jan 2015

Yep lets drink some beers and look at this tomorrow
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