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2nd Jun 2016

So, there is an election going on, and we need your vote! ... ll708743xA125467b-29

Our goal is to have me elected as mayor of San paro, so we can finally remodel the city to what we want. My political program:

We strive to provide to everyone in the district the entertainment they need, but never the one they deserve.
If you choose to elect me, our political program will include:
  • Organization of weekly server-wide events.
  • Organization of srs bznss clan wars
  • An in-game military police that will patrol the streets with dump-trucks in order to kill griefers (or for the right price will grief your opposition)
  • Ubersight: a public service that drives people around the district and brings armored trucks to whoever requests it.
  • The establishment of a server-wide code of honor which will be revised regularly (our goal is to blur the notion of fairplay as much as possible until you can no longer make the difference between fairplay and cheap play, which means no one will be able to complain anymore)
  • The removal of hackers (we will personally go to each hackusater and beat them to a pulp, this way there will be no more hackusating in district chat and therefore you will not notice the very existence of hackers anymore.)
  • The ability to pass any bill you like for the right amount of bills.

And this is my elections poster:

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Forum » Public Forums » °News & Announcements
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