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Joined: 20th Oct 2016
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20th Oct 2016


the Netherlands
What makes you unique? Describe yourself!:
I can cook an egg in 3 minutes.
Other than that i like to play APB and racing games on my playstation.What is your unique ability? (The thing you're best at in APB?)
Im far from the best player. But im pretty good with the FAR spearhead.


Do you have both an enforcer character and a criminal character? (required)

Name and rating of your most used enforcer character:
iPay = rank 154

Name and rating of your most used criminal character:
MuchNoise = rank 172(ish)

Threat Level:

Clan(s) you have previously belonged to:
Ive been in RISE clan on my criminal for a long time
And ive been in probation in WASP 2 times.Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s):
Rise = Well.. it was a pretty dead clan al all of the existing and active members were dethreating to have easy games.
And wasp = It is a nice clan but it was too competitive for me.

What is your definition of tactical play?
Good communication, Flank and get in good positions of neccesary

What is your definition of fair play?
Dont hack, grief or flame. If you are a full team of golds playing against a full group of low silvers/bronzes. let them kill you once or give them a chance at least

I agree to the following charter:
-Tember is my overlord and savior!
- In 
u   am a nderling, and I accept to be called this way.
- I will not think too deeply about the things that happen in this clan..
- I will obey any order issued by someone above me in the chain of command.
- I will be responsible for those who are under me in the chain of command.
- If I see a hacker in the enemy team, I will do my best to ignore them, as if they didn't exist.
- If I see a hacker in my own team, I will warn my commanding officers so they can erase him from existance.

Yes. i agree

Do you have a working microphone? (Required):

Do you have  TeamSpeak  or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required):

Do you accept to make yourself a clan outfit with our colors and wear it when asked to? (Required)  

More information here:  http://oversight.clanwebs ... mal-outfit-codes-f6k

yes. but it wont be the most beautiful thing ever

How did you hear about Oversight?:
Ive seen them ingame and a friend ive met through apb is in oversight. (Timelapse)

Is there anything else you would like to add?:

hope i am good enough or oversight
Joined: 20th Oct 2016
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20th Oct 2016

holy shet the layout got wrecked
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