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maomen147 application for oversight
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Joined: 18th Aug 2016
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18th Aug 2016

Moamen ibrahim riffat         ingame: moamen147


What is your unique ability? (The thing you're best at in APB?)



Do you have both an enforcer character and a criminal character? 


enfo moamen147
crim riffatelabyad
Threat silver
rank 117

Clan(s) you have previously belonged to:  
CURE   central bla... bla

Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s):  
Inactive for a long time

What is your definition of fair play?  
not cheating  using bots money hack.

I agree to the following charter:
-Tember is my overlord and savior! 
- I am an underling, and I accept to be called this way.
- I will not think too deeply about the things that happen in this clan..
- I will obey any order issued by someone above me in the chain of command.
- I will be responsible for those who are under me in the chain of command.
- If I see a hacker in the enemy team, I will do my best to ignore them, as if they didn't exist.
- If I see a hacker in my own team, I will warn my commanding officers so they can erase him from existance.

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Joined: 18th Aug 2016
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26th Aug 2016

any replay i want to join
Forum » Public Forums » °APB Applications
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