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Joined: 6th Jan 2016
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6th Jan 2016

Name: Gabriel

What makes you unique? Describe yourself!: I like to play tactical,playing since 2011,Well known english skills

Age: 21 , nearly 22

Do you have both an enforcer character and a criminal character? (required): Yes , But playing on the crim side mostly
Yes or No
Name and rating of your most used enforcer character: / 
Name and rating of your most used criminal character: Orwen R247
Threat Level: Gold
Clan(s) you have previously belonged to: Reapers(disbanded) , C0nviction 
clan1, clan2

Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s):Got kicked because of judging an 18 old kid watching animes , Sry for being honest
reason 1, reason 2
What is your definition of tactical play? : Say no to yolo gaming
What is your definition of fair play? Respecting the rules , not being lame (camping,Bug abuse/exploits etc. )
I agree to the following charter:
-Tember is my overlord and savior!
- I am an underling, and I accept to be called this way.
- I will not think too deeply about the things that happen in this clan..
- I will obey any order issued by someone above me in the chain of command.
- I will be responsible for those who are under me in the chain of command.
- If I see a hacker in the enemy team, I will do my best to ignore them, as if they didn't exist.
- If I see a hacker in my own team, I will warn my commanding officers so they can erase him from existance.

Yes or No : Yes

Do you have a working microphone? (Required):YES
Yes or no

Do you have  TeamSpeak or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required):Yes
Yes or no

Do you accept to make yourself a clan outfit with our colors and wear it when asked to? (Required)  : Why not! I still have unused outfit slots . Yes!

More information here:  http://oversight.clanwebs ... mal-outfit-codes-f6k

yes or no

How did you hear about Oversight?:
---- Haven't used it yet!

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Contact me or mail me ingame

(just copy all and answer everything on a new topic)

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Last Edit: 6th Jan 2016 by Orwen
Joined: 23rd Jan 2015
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7th Jan 2016

Welcome to the website. Orwen. I'll see you soon on crim side.
Joined: 6th Jan 2016
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7th Jan 2016

cya m8
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