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5th Dec 2015

I'd like to ask a question.
I submitted my application for clan membership at 24th June and was accepted for probation. But after 2-3 days there was an announcement that the clan is disbanding, so my probation was canceled and I was released from clan in-game. But now I see that this clan has come back to life (or has never been disbanded), so I'd like to ask if I should apply again or continue where I left off .

My application
http://oversight.clanwebs ... tion-7wk/getpage/1#1

Disband announcement
http://oversight.clanwebs ... d-run-6xc/getpage/18
Joined: 18th May 2015
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5th Dec 2015

The Clan disbanded which happened a while ago yes. But now the clan is back up and running and almost at its former glory with Tember as our glorious leader =] So seeing as you have already been in the clan just find an officer like myself or Tember online and ask them to invite you back and I'll hopefully see you soon =]
Forum » Public Forums » °Public relations
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