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Obeya X patriot greeting ceremony
1:30 PM Tue 19th May 2015 - 2:30 PM Tue 19th May 2015(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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As the upcoming server merge will be a major event in our favorite/most hated APB's history, I would like to mark the day with an amazing lineup of festivities to celebrate the birth of a new world. The plans that will be attempted before everything inevitably falls into total chaos will be the following:

  • Social district, breakwater marina park. Go there, any instance until they're full.
  • Obeya players gather on the west side, Patriot players on the east side.
  • Face each other, perform emotes
  • Screenshots, videos, introductory speeches, anything to increase the tention until people get fed up with waiting and everyone eventually gets loose and causes chaos.
  • Get loose and cause chaos
  • Mix the players from both servers
  • Make babies with players from the other server
  • Screenshots, videos, closing speeches.
  • Play APB

We will be handling most of the cohort, I expect every single one of you to show up orderly in formal outfits.
Please read this thread for more information:
http://oversight.clanwebsite.c ... mal-outfit-codes-f6k

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19th May 2015
Ah thats good, the servers seem to be holding up pretty well but I swear, its a struggle to get a space in social
19th May 2015
There will ba a few different waves
19th May 2015
I may not be able to join the event today but definitely tommorow
18th May 2015
Okay let's assume the merge happens in 2 days.
7th May 2015
Oversight: black and blue. Undersight: black and red
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7th May 2015
so 22 may now? for undersight members just red or also blue?
6th May 2015
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we got delayed again.
4th May 2015
2 more days, make sure you have a formal outfit!
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22 years old in 4 days
25 years old 28th Oct
44 years old 28th Oct
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