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Thursday 26th of May Operation: The rebuilding
1:00 PM Thu 26th May 2016 - 5:59 PM Thu 26th May 2016(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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The City of San Paro is coming to an end. Soon(TM), people will start turning into deadly creatures of the night, and it will announce the beginning of a very dark age for criminals and enforcers alike. Where will you be when this happens? Where will your leaders be? Who will save you?

Only you can know the answers to that. However, you are not alone. Our organization has been closely monitoring the signs of the apocalypse, and one thing is for sure: even if the threat is of biblical proportions and cannot even be understood by human minds,
it can be fought.

Your have been chosen
You don't know it yet but the enemy has already infiltrated our lines, and soon it will be attack. However, we can prevent it. YOU can prevent it. On thursday, we will meet and execute a plan to overthrow the enemy. This plan will only work if as many of you as possible are present. Be there!

Dark days are coming.
The game is surely dying.
But we are Oversight, and we don't care!
For a greater perspective, join us today!

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26th May 2016
10/10 would attend again
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26th May 2016
It will probably take time.because i need to get back to our base and gear up.put my old cloths that i didnt wear in years bc i was undercover and prepering for this situation.And take the of the best we have.I hope i just come in time
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26th May 2016
it will be a long event anyway you can always join mid-event
26th May 2016
Damn.i want to join u guys so bad :c.but i have work till 5 pm -_- soo if i dont come AVANGE THE FALLEN BROTHER.Save the humnity and be heros.We are sure to succed.Good Luck my brothers,i give u all the info i got from the enemy lines.
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26th May 2016
Dear underlings,

Dark days are coming. But today, we fight back. After a long hiatus on clan activities, we will now make life in San Paro enjoyable again. Today, we will hold a clan meeting

in order to assess our strength. The meeting location is waterfront-EN-1 gold district, on millenium bridge. For this occasion you will be required to show up in your clan

outfits. The outfit instructions are as follow:
*Base color: black 0-0-0 most of your outfit must be of this color
*Lighting color: blue 16-4-8 lines and small details must be of this color
*accessories: your hair color. Items made of fabric like scarves and pouches should be the same color as your hair, to make you more unique.

A clan symbol will be provided, you may use it and spray it everywhere you can. You can also design yourself a clan car, which follows the same color template as above. After

the screenshot session, we will start a district takeover operation, where the entire clan will be required. See you there tonight at 19:00 GMT!

your Overlord and Savior.

*note: please show up with your weaponry, as our sources indicate that the enemy might be present.
24th May 2016
i should be the one that fucks up everything
24th May 2016
Damn, we should make a webseries about this...
24th May 2016
Lol this kinda feels like a time skip in an anime where everyone comes back with a different outfit and new powers XD
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24th May 2016
Yuss! First week in and we got an event =D
24th May 2016
Tember Shakespeare
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